General Dental Info 


Dr. Waller went to undergrad at the University of Utah where he did most of his growing up...enjoying the outdoors and skiing.    He attended dental school at the University of Florida, graduated in 1999 and practiced in Florida for 5 years before moving to Fredericksburg.  He started BigSmile in late 2004 and has been active volunteering at the Moss clinic for the uninsured for the last 10 years.


As important as proper hygiene, a proper diet is just as essential to the health of your teeth.  Foods high in carbohydrates such a breads, cookies and doughnuts (sorry Sugar Shak) break down to feed the cavity causing bacteria via the plaque that sits against your teeth.   

While soft plaque is associated with 

cavities,  hard tartar is associated

gum and bone loss, called

periodontal disease.  Statistically

more teeth are actually lost from this

disease that from cavities.   Proper 

flossing is especially important to the 

prevention of gum disease.  It is a slow

and usually painless process until the 

teeth are irreparable.  


Medications are a major destroyer of teeth!  Many meds dry your saliva, which is a protector of teeth.  Saliva has natural buffers that neutralize acids  and it has antibodies that kill bacteria. Without proper saliva flow cavity rates skyrocket..

Dr. Carter Waller D.M.D. 

Proper and consistent removal of plaque and tartar is vital to the health of your teeth and gums. Cavities or Caries is considered a disease process by which bacteria such as Strep Mutans dissolve hard tooth structure into a soft rotten tissue.  Plaque acts as sponge to hold the acids produced by sugar eating bacteria against your tooth.